• Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant
  • Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant
  • Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant
  • Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant

Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant

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Orgone pendants are a powerful way to amplify the energetic gifts of all types of crystals. 

Orgone is the Light, Universal Energy that is present in everything. The name Orgone is also know as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether or Life force. Orgone generators are made of metals and crystals encased in resin. They turn negative energy into positive. They can be place in a garden to help the planets grow better. Orgone generators are also thought to mitigate the harmful effects of Electromagnetic waves in your environment. Put them near your TV, computer or anywhere in your living space where you want to cleanse the energy. Orgone products are made with gemstone chips and other crystals, copper, all suspended in resin.
Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It helps to restore harmony and trust in relationship. Purifying and opening the heart to high frequencies of love and light and allowing forgiveness. Promoting self love, friendship and deep healing on every level. This powerful crystal also assists by balancing the body, supporting the heart, clearing the circulatory system and enhancing the body's ability to remove toxins and negative energies.  

✔️ Made in 🇺🇸

✔️ 1-1/3" Long

✔️ Comes with chain and black cord

✔️ Awesome Crystal Energy

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